Eric Johnson has been a professional photographer since 1983; over the years he has won numerous awards and recognitions, including two “top-ten-in-the-state” awards with the Michigan Professional Photographers Association. During this same period he had a distinguished career in law enforcement, retiring in 2009 with more than 30-years of service with the Michigan State Police.

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His background in law enforcement, combined with his professional photography experience, led him to specialize in forensic photography after his retirement. He began offering forensic photography services to the legal community, and also started teaching forensic photography in Michigan and across the country. Eric is recognized throughout the United States as an expert in forensic photography; he is currently the only Certified Evidence Photographer in Michigan, as well as the only Certified Forensic Photographer in Michigan – sharing both of these designations with only 5 other photographers worldwide.

Throughout these years Eric has quietly pursued his passion of wildlife photography for his personal enjoyment; his background in portrait photography, combined with the technical skills required of a forensic photographer, has resulted in quality images that only very few photographers can replicate. He has amassed a library of thousands of wildlife images that represent an amazing world that most will never see. After years of being encouraged by family and friends to do “something” with his images, he has finally decided to share and make available on a limited basis these images to those interested in sharing his Visions of Wildlife.

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